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ImageCodeName Short Description
21662166 Black/White PurseBlack/White
A151 Single Purse
A151A151 Single Purse4 Colours
Coin Purse
ZF002D=FDCoin Purse3 colours Single purse
D8010 Singe Purse/Culth
D8010D8010 Singe Purse/Culth6 Colours
D801A Cupcake Grey Single Purse
D801AD801A Cupcake Grey Single PurseGrey
D801A Cupcake Pink Single Purse
D801AD801A Cupcake Pink Single PursePink
D801A Cupcake Rose Single Purse
D801AD801A Cupcake Rose Single PurseRose
D801B Owl Black Single Purse
D801BD801B Owl Black Single PurseBlack
D801B Owl Blue Single Purse
D801BD801B Owl Blue Single PurseBlue
D801B Owl Red Single Purse
D801BD801B Owl Red Single PurseBlue
D802 Apricot Purse
D802D802 Apricot PurseApricot
D802 Apricot Single Purse
D802D802 Apricot Single PurseApricot
D802 Black Single Purse
D802D802 Black Single PursePlum
D802 Colourful Single Purse
D802D802 Colourful Single PurseColourful
D802 Dog Single Purse
D802D802 Dog Single Purse2 Colours
D802 Little Dog Green Single Purse
D802D802 Little Dog Green Single PurseGreen
D802 Owl Apricot Single Purse
D802D802 Owl Apricot Single PurseApricot
D802 Plum Single Purse
D802D802 Plum Single PursePlum
D803 Little Dog Dark Blue Single Purse
D803D803 Little Dog Dark Blue Single PurseBlue
D8036 Coffee Single Purse
D8036D8036 Coffee Single PurseCoffee

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1-D2188 Flower Handbag
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D8102 Flower Red Travel Bag
D8102 Flower Red Travel Bag

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D8812 Shopping Girl Quality Satchel

D981 Dog Handbag
D981 Dog Handbag

Genuine Real Cow Leather Handbag
Genuine Real Cow Leather Handbag

Genuine Real Leather Brown Handbag
Genuine Real Leather Brown Handbag

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